IMMORTAL (Double Album)
Released March 13, 2012


More Than Human EP (2011)

Somewhere In Between (2010)     Love And Madness
           Motion Picture Feature                     Quimera Music's Debut Album    
                   Face To Face Radio Edit (2009)    When Tomorrow Comes (2009) 
                           First Single                                              Special Theme Feature

Quimera Music LIVE at The Paper Box (Audience Video) April 13, 2013
Performing Dalea's song 'Scorned' from her upcoming
Solo album (out in 2014)


Judgement Day (Lyric Video)
From Q
uimera Music's album IMMORTAL



For Aurora (Lyric Video)
From Q
uimera Music's album IMMORTAL


  IMMORTAL Album Promotional Trailer
(Album released March 13, 2012


Official music video of song Danse Macabre, from Quimera Music's latest album IMMORTAL
(Album released March 13, 2012



Quimera Music live performance of 'Ballad For Lost Souls' a preview from their upcoming new double album titled 'IMMORTAL', releasing March 13, 2012.

Filmed in New York City, December 2011


Quimera Music live performance during the closing of their 2011 Tour 'More Than Human'. This song is titled 'Judgement Day' preview from their upcoming new album 'IMMORTAL', releasing March 2012.
Filmed in New York, December 3, 2011


A Day With Quimera Music - This video was recorded early Spring 2011, in NYC. Shows Quimera Music on their way to rehearsals and playing their song Immortal,
from their upcoming album IMMORTAL, scheduled for 2012 release.
This video is dedicated to all Quimera Music Fans.


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