A note from Dalea, vocalist of Quimera Music.

Singing and writing lyrics is my way to make sense of the world, and my own existence. Each song recorded has its reason for being and something I feel must be said.

Music is the voice of the human spirit. It can go beyond language, beyond age, beyond nationality and skin color, straight into the mind and heart of each one of us.  Music should provoke exaltation, make us think and touch us, long after the song is over.

Welcome to our world.
- Dalea
Vocalist Of Quimera Music

Quimera Music (pronounced Ki-meh-ra Music) is a symphonic-rock band founded in the Spring of 2008 by vocalist Dalea (formerly known by her nickname Quimera), with the intention of blending her love of rock and film music music.

In 2009 well on her way with creating Quimera Music's debut album, Swedish composer Patrick Rundblad joined Quimera Music as composer, it was then that Quimera Music began to produce the style of songs that Dalea had been aiming for from the onset of her professional career. So profound was the arrival of Patrick to Quimera Music, that Dalea calls it the defining moment when Quimera Music was truly born.

With the release of the songs Face To Face, Requiem and Starlight, Quimera Music began to receive media and listeners recognition, being hailed as “Hypnotic”, “The new sound the music industry is looking for” and “Otherworldly Magic”. On November 24th 2009, Quimera Music’s debut album, still a collaborative composers effort titled 'Love and Madness' released with a distribution deal with the Independent Argentinean label Twilight Records. Love and Madness received very favorable critic reviews and support from radio stations and fans, showing the first signs of Quimera Music being a very promising act.

In the spring of 2010, Dalea and Patrick began writing Quimera Music’s second studio album titled IMMORTAL, a colossal 20 track double album, planned for 2012 release; this time every song written by Patrick and Dalea. In the same year, Dalea’s voice was included in the soundtrack for the independent film Somewhere In Between (Released 2010 under her pseudonym Quimera). Also in 2010, the song When Tomorrow Comes, especially written to benefit the children of The Smile Train Charity released (also under her speudonym Quimera)

On August 23, 2011 the EP titled 'More Than Human' was released, meant to showcase where 'Quimera Music' had evolved from 2009 and as a preview of their upcoming album IMMORTAL. Quimera and her live band spent a great portion of 2011 in their first promotional New York circuit tour titled 'More Than Human', while at the same time finishing the recordings of the full album, IMMORTAL.

On March 13, 2012 their sumptuous double album IMMORTAL released, receiving the best reviews yet and heavy accolades by music critics and fans. Undoubtedly, Quimera Music had mastered the art of being powerful and sublime at the same time. Their online fan base quintupled this year and it became clear that 'Quimera Music' was solidifying a place in the world of music.

2014 will brings a hiatus for the band, while Dalea and Patrick Rundblad get busy writing Dalea's first solo album for her solo career.

It is now a matter of time for Dalea to go from New York's well-kept secret, to mainstream spotlight.

Please write to: quimera@quimeramusic.com

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